Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Trio of New Characters

More characters are pouring in. Of course, not all will get their own voices. Donna, Clarie, Andrea, and Marc, for example. And more will of course appear over time. Now we have:

Brent Berkowski, a born-again Christian, raised in a Baptist church, from Distovia, Kentucky, who is dating Claire, a born-again Christian, raised in a Baptist church, from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He's a biology major and a creationist, though he didn't want to go to a Christian college to major in biology. His roommate is Marc, who is gay and FWB with Alex Mandeville is a biology major and a "fully functional" hermaphrodite. She believes paradox lies at the foundations of existence, and she's currently living with her girlfriend, Andrea. Carlos because she is quite literally bisexual. With those close to her, she is quite open about her being a hermaphrodite, so it is probably best to let her continue telling the story herself.

Vance Gamble is a graduate student in the humanities department at UT-Dallas. He is dating Donna, who weighs 450 pounds, and is a nursing student. Everyone who meets him think he's gay -- which in the past he has used to his advantage to get women to sleep with him. He's partial to large women, but Donna is by far the largest he's ever dated or been with. He is an aspiring novelist, and he's writing a novel that he's posting on his blog. A novel inside a novel? Well, if a play within a play was good enough for Shakespeare . . .

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