Friday, August 19, 2011

UTD in Pictures

Since all of the characters in Googling Facebook are going to UT-Dallas, I thought I would share some pictures of UTD, so you can get a sense of what the surroundings look like. Sure, I could paint a picture with words, talking about how the university is dominated by these beige concrete structures that are dull and repetitive and mostly ugly, though there are a few buildings of interest, including one with complex architecture and dominated by its turquoise color, but then, there is that cliche about the relation between pictures and the number of words involved.

One can find all sorts of pictures of this building online:

But it is hardly representative of the rest of the buildings there, as this more typical picture shows:

The poet Frederick Turner once observed that the ugliness of the buildings make the trees look that much more beautiful. I think that is abundantly clear here.

And these are the apartments/dorms:

More pictures -- and a little more information on UTD -- can be found here.

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